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A member of SAG-AFTRA and WOMEN IN FILM, Victoria is a creator, executive producer, on-screen talent and speaker with an entrepreneurial background within the entertainment industry and corporate sector for over 25 years. Her endeavors in front and behind the camera helped her form world-class relationships with major studios, networks, award-winning talent, and global brands such as FEDEX, PGA TOUR and GENERAL MILLS. She is also founder of

Julia Bug Studios/Value-Driven Entertainment which produced projects such as FOODIES and THE KENTUCKIAN and currently has additional projects in various stages of development.

In 2022, Victoria formed Victoria White Productions, LLC (VWP) to launch VISION VALUE VITALITY

an  inspirational-based brand  to help build belief, hope and strength in the lives of others through personal encouragement, entertainment, consumer products and other initiatives. VISION VALUE VITALITY/VWP's premier project is Victoria’s own story – Blood and Blindness, Memoir of a Malibu Moment, a profound and provocative share

of her personal and professional experiences that is slated to debut in 2024.

Life Happens...

Indeed, life happens, Victoria knows very well what life can look like, the good, the bad, the ugly, the incomprehensible, the audacious and beyond! She understands going after dreams, being confronted with life-altering circumstances and conditions, having to overcome a host of many challenges, as well as challengers!

Victoria is passionate about the things she's learned to be true, the vision, value and the vitality of it all for life. She is honored to inspire others through the sharing of her own journey,

meaningful metaphors, curated truth treasures, creative commentaries

and much more formed from real life experiences for real life living.

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